Now Show recording

Now Show recording


Now Show, Series 15

Now Show, Series 16

Now Show, Series 17

Colin and Fergus' Digi Radio (BBC 7)

Half Sketch (BBC Radio 2 / BBC Northern Ireland)

The Milk Run (BBC Radio 1)

The Dutch Elm Conservatoire - Conspiracy (Pilot)


The Day The Music Died (BBC Radio 2)

Flight of the Conchords (BBC Radio 2) - assistant producer

Half Sketch (BBC Radio 2 / BBC Northern Ireland) - assistant producer

Now Show, Series 12

Now Show, Series 13

Now Show, Series 14


First Hand: Storytelling (BBC Radio Wales)

First Hand: Guy Masterson (BBC Radio Wales)

All shows transmitted on BBC Radio 4 unless otherwise stated.

The BBC College of Production made couple of short films about my job and the making of The Now Show. They're geo-locked to the UK. Sorry.

I've done a bit of TV too. Credits here.

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